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Update…Gavin’s birth story! (:

So, a lot has happened since I last posted anything on here. Last time I posted I was 15 weeks pregnant and now my son Gavin has been born and is 15 days old (: My pregnancy went by so slow and then once I found out that I was having a boy it flew for a few weeks only to slow back down the closer it got to him being born! I had my baby shower May 19th and had an amazing turn out! I have such a wonderful family and some amazing friends! I got so much stuff for Gavin! We finally took some maternity pictures when I was 37 weeks pregnant. My mom took them for Alex and I (we are back together and things are going wonderfully) after we got back from the dr office and he said I was 2 cm dilated! That was a Thursday night that we took those pictures and on Tuesday night I started having some mild contractions. They weren’t painful and were about 20 minutes apart. As the night went on they started getting to 10 minutes apart. I finally just went to bed because they weren’t close enough together to go to the hospital and I went into work the next morning because they had stopped. While I was at work I called the dr office and told them about my contractions and they said if they came back and were regular just to go ahead and go to the hospital and get checked. I worked throughout the day hoping that the walking would get the contractions started back up and make them regular. After work I went to where my mom works and ate lunch and the contractions started getting more regular and she decided when she got off work she was just going to go ahead and take me to the hospital just to at least get checked. While I was at the hospital it didn’t take too long to get a room in L&D but I was still at 2 cm and 60% effaced and then they got more regular and I eventually got up to 4 cm but still only 60% effaced. The contractions got so regular that night that they gave me some Nubane so that I could get some sleep because I had been at the hospital since 6 pm that night. The contractions had gotten pretty regular at 3 pm that day (that’s when I say my labor really started). So, after I got the Nubane I got pretty loopy. My best friend Christian was there and she listened to me run my mouth haha. I told my mom I had never been drunk but I was sure that was what it felt like haha. I have no idea anything else I said that night. When I woke up the next morning I was checked again because my contractions had pretty much stopped and I was still at 4 cm and 60% effaced. So, I didn’t make any progression all night. They gave me a menu and told me to eat some breakfast. I ordered my breakfast and ate one bite and almost threw it right back up. So, I got some nausea medicine and was moved over to the mother-baby unit to be monitored for the next 23 hours. While over there my contractions pretty much stopped. My mom had gone home and I had her bring my exercise ball back to the hospital so that I could bounce on it to hopefully get them started back up. I sat on that ball and bounced and everything for a little over an hour until my contractions had gotten so bad that I was hunched over in pain. They hooked me back up to the monitors to check and see how the contractions were going. Then, my nurses had a shift change. My contractions kept getting worse and stronger until I was shaking I was in so much pain. The doctor was supposed to had come to check me about 2-3 times already and hadn’t been up to see me at all. He ordered my nurse to give me a Tylenol…I was beyond pissed! A Tylenol doesn’t even work for a headache for me! I couldn’t believe it. I calmed myself down a little bit and the contractions got to be a little less harsh on my body but then about an hour later when Alex’s mom had gotten back to the hospital they had gotten bad again and I told her about the Tylenol and she was saying how it was such BS and the dr should have checked on me since he was going to be at the hospital all night. So, my mom, Alex’s mom, and Alex all went out to talk to my nurse and told her I really needed to see the dr. A little while later he came up to my room and checked me only to find out I had progressed from 4 cm to 6 cm and was 100% effaced. I went through all that with just a Tylenol. He said that I needed to be moved back over to labor and delivery so I was moved back to another room, 3rd time moving rooms! When I got moved over I was still shaking from the pain but they said they had to get at least one bag of IV fluids into my system before I was allowed the epidural. They pushed that into me so fast and then we got everyone out of the room but Alex so I could get the epidural and the catheter and whatnot. I got the epidural and couldn’t even feel my legs. They said it was a little rare not to be able to really move them but that I was okay. I seriously felt like my legs were so heavy I could barely pick them up. I could feel when people touched them but that was all. When I got the epidural it was midnight and I instantly felt relief. That was so wonderful! I don’t know how I stayed still long enough to get it because of all the shaking I was doing from the pain I was going through. I think i was so scared of getting paralyzed I relaxed myself enough to be still. I was sitting there trying to get some sleep and I felt this little trickle and I looked up at my contraction monitor and saw a huge one coming on and I was mid-thought of “geez that’s a huge contraction, I’m glad that I can’t feel it” when I felt this huge gush. My water had broken and it was around 1:30 am. I’m so glad that it broke by itself because they were talking about breaking it for me and I was really not looking forward to that. But, one bad thing was that there was meconium in the water which meant that Gavin had already had a bowel movement and the nurse said they would have to get a specialist up there for when he was born to make sure his lungs were clear and that meant I wouldn’t get to have him put directly on my chest because they would have to make sure he was healthy, which was okay with me, that’s all I wanted. I was asleep, but apparently at some point in time the dr ordered that I be put on pytocin because I was 7 cm and hadn’t progressed anymore. I finally woke up around 6 am. Everyone in the room was asleep but Alex’s mom. I woke up for a second and was thinking how much my back hurt and how much pressure I was feeling. I thought maybe I should try to sleep again so I closed my eyes but the pain and pressure never went away. I looked at Alex’s mom and she knew I was in a lot of pain and she was about to call the nurse in for me when she walked through the door. She asked if I was feeling a lot of pressure and I said yes and she checked me and said I was 10 cm and that she was going to call the dr back to the hospital because he had just left because he didn’t think I would progress that much with my labor so fast because of how long it took me to get to that point. The dr showed up about an hour later and the nurse had already had me pushing. I was pushing 3 times for every contraction I was having with the nurse, but with the dr he had me doing at least 3 but aiming for more if I could. But, I was so nauseous that pushing was horrible for me. Every time that I pushed I had felt that I was going to throw up. I kept pushing and was making good progress, but it got to the point that I was pushing and he’d come out a little and then go back in so the dr had to cut me a little bit and after that I was able to just push him right out. When he came out it was all of 2 seconds before he started crying and I knew everything was okay with the meconium and whatnot. I was so happy. I looked at him and just started crying tears of joy. He is the most perfect thing I could have ever asked for! Alex cut his umbilical cord and they took him over to the specialist to make sure he was fine and clean him up. He didn’t get much meconium in his lungs at all they said (: His temperature was pretty warm, but so was mine. But, he is just a warm natured baby I have found out. They weighed him and he was 8 lbs 5 oz! He was 2 weeks early and weighed that much! The dr said if I had gone the full length of the pregnancy I could have wound up with a 10-11 lb baby! That’s crazy! I had no idea he was so huge!! Then they brought him over to me and laid him on my chest and I just stared at him and then I got to breastfeed him when the lactation consultant came in and she helped out so much!! Then my family came in and held him before he was taken away to the nursery to be bathed and measured. I got over to my room and got some breakfast in my system and then little Gavin was brought to my room (: He measured 21 inches long! He was such a huge baby! I still cannot believe it! I have no idea how he fit in my stomach (: He really is the most perfect thing I have ever seen and he makes me so happy. I never knew how rewarding being a mom would be. My 40 hour labor even with all the pain I went through is so much more than worth it!! I love this little boy so much <3

I hope that my labor story can help others or give them some kind of insight. I didn’t have the best of luck with my dr but hopefully other people will. I know my dr was busy and I was progressing slow but I expected more attention I guess, or at least to be listened to.

Gavin Alexander Stinchcomb born June 22, 2012! <3 This is when my life really began! (: I can’t wait for the rest of my life with my little family!

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